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The Maine Acadian Heritage Council is excited to provide this online experience to enhance your understanding of our Maine Acadian heritage.  We endeavor this site to become our focal point for publications, monthly columns, events, and your resource for online media for Acadians of all ages with a selection of multimedia such as music, video clips, and even some local Acadian news and events.  Considering the backdrop of the 2014 World Acadian Congress, this heightens the sense of importance for expediting the development of our new site. 

As always, we will be working with our partners and members of all of our heritage sites in the development of this online presence.  The end result, we hope, will better serve Acadians and historical Heritage Sites of the Saint John Valley.  In the creation of becoming an online presence, we also look forward to hearing your thoughts and input.  Suggestions of what you might like to see or have available to you through this site would be much appreciated. 

Please consider partnering with us by emailing us with suggestions or posting them on our Facebook page.  Online forums and media are rapidly becoming an important place for all of us to create this site together, of not only what the past has given us to share and appreciate, but how we can keep our Acadian heritage alive for future generations.  Please see our "Contact Us" link above and feel free to send us any comments and suggestions.  All of your input will be considered as we create the paths for this important step to develop our online presence for the Maine Acadian Heritage Council. 

Thank you for your support,

Louise M. Martin

Office Manager of the Maine Acadian Heritage Council

 2014 Education Grant Application Click Here

The Maine Acadian Heritage Council (MAHC) encourages all elementary and secondary teachers in the St. John Valley and Maine to teach Acadian heritage and culture in their classrooms.

These grants will provide support for teachers to integrate Acadian culture, history, language, and art in their classroom while fostering stewardship which will, in turn, preserve this unique heritage.

For more information click on the form link above.

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Monthly Column

Our monthly column serves to promote our Acadian heritage by reporting the events of our local area.  It also involves educating and informing on crafts, trades, and reflecting on our past ways of life.  Our column menu link above will provide you with not only our currect happenings and events but will also archive previous columns for your utilization.  Thank you for visiting our site and letting us know what you think. 

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If you are interested in spreading the news about the Maine Acadian Heritage Council's monthly column and possibly establishing advertising partnerships with us, please let us know.  Whether by using a banner link on your web site or by placing an ad informing people about our new web site, we look forward to hearing from you.

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