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 World Acadian Congress 2014


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The bracelet is needed to access the following five events:

1.) Opening Concert, 2.) Acadia National Day Concert 3.) New Beginning Concert 4.) ExpoMONDE 5.) MultiMEDIA Pavilion


Bracelets available: CMA Office 144-A St-Thomas Street, Suite 216, Madawaska, ME 04756

Norstate FCU in Van Buren and Fort Kent (only)


2014 Education Grant Application Click Here

The Maine Acadian Heritage Council (MAHC) encourages all elementary and secondary teachers in the St. John Valley and Maine to teach Acadian heritage and culture in their classrooms.

These grants will provide support for teachers to integrate Acadian culture, history, language, and art in their classroom while fostering stewardship which will, in turn, preserve this unique heritage.

For more information click on the form link above.

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Monthly Column

Our monthly column serves to promote our Acadian heritage by reporting the events of our local area.  It also involves educating and informing on crafts, trades, and reflecting on our past ways of life.  Our column menu link above will provide you with not only our currect happenings and events but will also archive previous columns for your utilization.  Thank you for visiting our site and letting us know what you think. 

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If you are interested in spreading the news about the Maine Acadian Heritage Council's monthly column and possibly establishing advertising partnerships with us, please let us know.  Whether by using a banner link on your web site or by placing an ad informing people about our new web site, we look forward to hearing from you.

 CMA St. John Valley Bus Tour Registration

Handy schedule and mail in form


Print, fill out, and mail in the form, or you can

register online by going directly to the CMA web site by clicking here.


 On August 15th only!

Free Round Trip Madawaska Shuttle Services


School Bus Shuttle Services to and from following locations:

Van Buren, Fort Kent, Grand Isle, Saint Agatha and Frenchville.


Don't Be a Blockhead!


The only official CMA event of the Maine Acadian Hertiage Council has moved.

Commemoration of the Webster-Ashburton Treaty

It's just around the block from the Block house in Fort Kent to the

University of Maine at Fort Kent- Fox Auditorium

Date: August 9th Time: 1pm-4pm

Admission Price: Free